StarrTainment: She’s Got That Sexy Magic With Justin

Starr brings you the News. Prince sold-out! Leona Lewis overpaid? And move over Jessica Biel . . . Ciara looks HOT with Justin!

Here’s the Video:

Got your news, now go find out what to do this weekend: catfights to cupcakes!

  • kassi

    So yeah this video is f***in’ HOT*

  • Manny B.

    I see the love and sex part. Does the magic happen after nine months?

  • jazzy

    Oooh StarrTainment!

  • Jose

    Ay carumba! Talk about a Jaw-Dropper!

  • samp420


  • Nicolle w/ 2 l's

    So, really, why aren’t you doing entertainment tonight?

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