Hunk v. Punk!

Welcome to our first installment of Hunk v. Punk! Orlando happily chooses two boys and classifies them justly, or does he? You decide!


efronfinal Hunk v. Punk!This weeks Hunk is Zac Efron. I know what you’re thinking. He’s total twinky and cheeseballz. But he did a super-hot photoshoot for Interview Magazine. Click here to see the simmering pics.


pete doherty Hunk v. Punk!This week’s Punk is Pete Doherty, who looks pretty gross in this picture. I never really understood his appeal or why Kate Moss ever wanted to date him. The whole “Love me I’m a rockstar” thing only works if you’re, like, cute. Sorry Pete.





kristin wiig thumb Hunk v. Punk!Don’t worry guys.  Check out Hot v. Not.

  • AJ

    Pete Doherty might be 3 kinds of ugly, but he makes some great music.

  • Heather


  • Camie

    Oh ick, is Kirsten Dundst still with that creep?

  • irenelei

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