Eminem Reincarnated as Bret Michaels

Eminem is back. His video, We Made You debuts and bashes everyone who is making headlines … today …. Bret Michaels circa Rock of Love, a voluptuous Jessica Simpson, a bootylicious Kim Kardashian, a Sapphic Lindsay and Samantha, and other gal pal duo, Ellen and Portia. Others you’ll find Slim Shady pokes at are: Sarah Palin, Elvis, Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, John Mayer, Tom Cruise, a very lick able Amy Winehouse and he even threw in the Star Trek crew. Did we miss anyone?

Eminem will drop two LP’s this year. Relapse hits stores on May 19. In the works is Relapse 2; no date specified yet. But the song “We Made You” should tidy us over for a bit.

Can you stand watching Amy and Eminem kiss-lick each other?

  • http://dawggboy08@yahoo.com jdawgg08

    all hail slim shady he’s back kool hott jamm i cant wail for the cd im getting it bigg time ok.

  • seth srader

    what a joke he is … He needs to be put away in a trailer park , where he came from

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