Hunk v. Punk!: The King of England v Spencer Pratt

This week’s HUNK is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, mainly because I saw him at the gym two days ago and it was sort of exciting. I don’t know why. Normally when I see celebrities at the gym I pretend I don’t know who they are and act like I think they work at the gym, asking them to run and grab me a fresh towel like a good boy. But when I saw JRM, I totally did a double take. He’s hot, even with his chicken legs. HUNK!

jrm final Hunk v. Punk!:  The King of England v Spencer Pratt

spencerpratt Hunk v. Punk!:  The King of England v Spencer PrattThis week’s PUNK is Spencer Pratt from ‘The Hills.’ This is mostly a superficial judgement, because I’ve decided I hate his face both with and without his flesh-colored beard. Also, he just seems like a prick that yells and whines all the time. He kind of reminds me of one of the husbands from ‘Stepford Wives’ who would prefer to be with a robot than an actual full-functioning human being. I mean, let’s be real, Heidi is totally an android. And Spencer is totally a PUNK.

anna faristhumb Hunk v. Punk!:  The King of England v Spencer PrattDont worry guys, there’s something for you too –  click here to check out some steamy pictures of Anna Faris in AMP’s Hot vs Not section.


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