Hot v. Not! Lady Gaga and Katie Price


gaga Hot v. Not! Lady Gaga and Katie Price

This week’s HOT is Lady GaGa. I know what you’re thinking: “Jeez! I’m sooooo tired of her because she’s been EVERYWHERE for the past 6 months!” As an early GaGa adopter, I feel the same way. But seeing her performance on Ellen totally changed my mind. Not only can she play the piano while standing on a chair, she can also hold a conversion with Ellen Degeneres while she wears a sculpture on her head. Who knew she was so articulate and funny? And her speaking voice is totally cute. Anyway, I like that she can actually perform and that she’s got crazy style. HOT!


katie price Hot v. Not! Lady Gaga and Katie Price

This week’s NOT is Katie Price. Firstly, because I have no idea who she is (the Paris Hilton of the UK? British reality TV star?). All I know is that I find her terrifying. She’s only in her 30s and she looks like she’s 60. Too many lip injections and implants everywhere. NOT HOT!

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