Jordin Sparks Popped By AMP Radio!

Jordin Sparks popped by AMP Radio to chat with Stryker about lip gloss and to talk about her new song “Battlefield.” She also wants to remind you to buy 1 . . . . or 3 copies of her new album also to be named “Battlefield” when it comes out on July 21st . . . . that she is working really really hard on!

Find out what three guys she is going on tour with when you watch the video below!

  • 97.1 AMP Radio » Stryker Makes You Work For Your Ticket

    […] Jordin popped by for a little chat with Stryker about gloss and her new single "Battlefield." Watch it and see more of her by clicking here. […]

  • Lianne

    I LOVE 97.1 AMP RADIO!!!

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