Hunk v. Punk! Ferrell v. Jonas


will ferrell 450 Hunk v. Punk! Ferrell v. Jonas

Will Ferrell, whose film Land of the Lost opens this week, is this week’s HUNK. I have always found him hilarious. Even if the script is boring and long-winded (like Elf), he still pulls it off. His mannerisms and sensibility are what make him so humorous. He recently introduced a line of sunscreen for men to raise money for a charity, which I think it pretty awesome. And who could forget his hilarious Landlord video from last year? Totally funny. HUNK!


joe jonas single ladies Hunk v. Punk! Ferrell v. Jonas

Shut up, Joe Jonas! The  “Single Ladies” video you released this week is hilarious! Or it would have been if you had released it last year before Justin Timberlake did that SNL skit. Now it’s just a tired joke. I’m bored with that song and I’m tired of men in leotards dancing to it and expecting me to laugh. You are not funny, PUNK!

  • vanessa hudgens mtv 2009 thumb Hunk v. Punk! Ferrell v. JonasClick here to check out this week’s Hot v. Not!

  • http://safari gi

    joe is so funny. i love joe

  • http://safari gi

    funnnnnnnnnnny joe is

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