Hunk v. Punk! Franco v. Random Dude!

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radom guy Hunk v. Punk! Franco v. Random Dude!

This week’s HUNK is the rando hottie that showed up at George Bush’s birthday party in Maine last weekend. I have no idea why he was there or what he was doing posing in a teeny bikini next to Barb, but he’s totally hot. Normally I don’t see the Bush family as a wild, naked party, pool-loving kind of crew, but I’m impressed that they filled George Bush’s party with lots of hot ladies and men. Barbara’s man candy was obviously my favorite. HUNK!


franco 450 Hunk v. Punk! Franco v. Random Dude!

I’d normally consider James Franco a HUNK. However, this week, he’s a PUNK! He was going to deliver the commencement address at UCLA until last week when he decided giving the speech would interfere with his filming schedule. While he was awesome in Milk and I think he’s totally dreamy, I have to side with UCLA on this one. UCLA has always held a special place in my heart, mainly because they were one of the only schools to actually accept me. Thus, I will always choose their side. Next time you bail on a commitment Franco, make sure to give more than, say, a week’s notice. PUNK!

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