Miley Lip Locked for “The Last Song”

It looks like Miley Cyrus is trying very hard to break out of her Disney Hannah Montana image (although she is coming back for another season).  Miley was seen passionately kissing her co-star Liam Hemsworth on the set during the filming of their new film, “The Last Song.”  The film was specially written for her by author Nicholas Sparks who is responsible for “The Notebook”.  Miley plays a rebellious girl who has to spend a summer with her estranged father.  Hemsworth plays a volleyball playing cool kid with Ivy League dreams.  It looks like Miley is quickly getting over Justin Gaston pretty quick.


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  • valerie

    oh my gosh !!! lil kids are looking up to this meanie i wish they would just let her go

  • brittney

    oh my lord!
    there r kids in this world 2
    and all she is doing is giving a bad example of my child and others that look up two her as a romodel.

  • Sarah

    Ok, really, you know all the rumors about nick and miley back together, not true, AT ALL, honestly miley used to be my role model until i found out she lip syncs and practically plays every hot guy she can get her hands on, she need to get single and stay that way it is messing up her career, I know Nick personally and they arn’t together, i am not lying, seriously, i know this movie is acting, but seriously, come on you guys know that she wanted to do this scene and probably loved kissing him.

  • Chelsae

    She needs to do what is best for her career.. not only try to keep everything suitable for children. This is a mature movie role… and the picture is not obscene? Calm down.

  • lucy

    What’s with everyone stressing out??
    so what she’s kissing a guy for a movie role and even if they’re kissing off set thats not really anyone elses business but she 16 years old and your asking her to be single. yeahh shes a role model for kids but the reality is that shes a teenager she will muck up and make stupid moves but its called growing up and she can’t change that.

  • youll never know

    and she fat..look at those rolls ..toooo many fried chickens down in the crick

    • mandisa

      dont talk about miley cyrus she not fat so leave her alone she my role model if u got a ploblem with her leave ur comment 2 youself

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