Hunk v. Punk! Lebeouf v. Hilton!

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shia labeouf 450 Hunk v. Punk! Lebeouf v. Hilton!

Shia LeBeouf, star of Transformers (opening this week!) is this week’s HUNK. I know he’s done all sorts of crazy things like drunk driving and getting arrested, but he’s just a baby and doesn’t know any better. I’m excited to see him in Transformers because he’s as cute as a button. HUNK!


perez hilton 450 Hunk v. Punk! Lebeouf v. Hilton!

Perez Hilton is this week’s PUNK! He got in a fight with Will.I.Am and resorted to slapping and anti-gay slurs to get his point across. Perez has never been my favorite blogger, but degrading his own people (the gays) just to piss off Will.I.Am is lame. And so is following Lady Gaga around like a pet chihuahua. PUNK!

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