Lady Gaga’s Outrageous Fashion

I often find myself confused with Lady Gaga’s fashion choices.  Black lipstick similar to Bette Middler’s in Hocus Pocus?  Check.  Lace mini mouse ears?  Check.  Pleather leotard complete with hood, wig, face paint, head gear?  Check, check, check … check.

She seems to like, or perhaps love, this WTF? reaction everyone throws back at her.  Otherwise why would she walk out of the house and into lenses of the stalker-azzi wearing this:

Lady Gaga

 Or this:

Lady Gaga

Or this:

Lady Gaga

Any guesses?  Because I’m drawing a blank.

  • Freddy

    This artist has crazy ass swagga, just coming out with that crazy old school Muppet dress that just takes alot of guts or maybe shes just fashionably incorrect

  • Tommy

    I personally love it. Reminds me a lot like Elton John’s fashion statement from the 1970’s. Of course it’s outrageous. She’s outrageous. And it’s awesome!

  • William the Seventh

    mmmmhmmmmmmm. alrght. touchdown.

  • Kitty KAT


  • Kristin

    I love Lady Gaga. :P Rock on.

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