T.I. and Mary J. Blige say “Remember Me”

T.I. may be out of sight, but he’s not out of mind just yet. 

The rapper, currently serving a year-long sentence in jail for a felony weapons charge, released his next single off his upcoming album, Paper Trail, called “Remember Me.”  The song, featuring Mary J. Blige, is a reminder for those who may have forgotten that his stint in prison is not permanent, and the King will be back. 

The video carries a similar theme.  T.I., clad in an orange jumpsuit, sends a message from jail to lovers, haters and family who carry on in the outside world without him.  Those who betray his trust get a message from T.I.P. too: “It’s on when I get back, please don’t forget that.” 

Watch it here and see what else he says:

  • http://www.myspace.com/socal_loco Freddy

    Song is hot of course were going to remember T.I cant wait till he comes out hes going to be fire with everyone!!

  • Amp rocks

    Whats that song that goes blame it on the a a a a a a a a alcohol. some1 please tell me.

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