Dear Lady Gaga: WTF Are You Wearing?

Dear Lady Gaga

Who makes these ridiculous outfits that you continue to wear?  Do you come up with them yourself?  And if so, what was the inspiration behind this particular look?

Lady Gaga

Do the people around you lie to your face and say you look really good before you go appear in public?  I’m all for avante garde fashion and originality, but I’m kind of scared of you right now.  It looks like the Kermit on your head is about to eat your face. 

You once said you think you’re “changing what people think is sexy.”  I’m pretty sure there’s nothing sexy about this outfit, unless there’s some fetish involving stuffed animals and Sesame Street that I’m unaware of (in which case, I don’t even want to know.)  So what’s the deal?  I’m usually somewhat amused with your crazy outfit choices, but lately you’ve boldly gone where no one has gone before, and I’m pretty sure no one except for you will ever go again.

If these insane ensembles are all for publicity, I guess the joke’s on us.  But if not, then WTF

Answers to any and/or all of these questions would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Love your music.

  • Click here to see more of Gaga’s weird wardrobe choices in Germany, courtesy of Perez Hilton.

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