Eminem Finds Alter-Ego Inspiration From Fans

In a recent interview, controversial rapper Eminem stated that there’s no way he’d kill off his alter ego, Slim Shady, because it allows him the sort of freedom that he needs as an artist.

eminem Eminem Finds Alter Ego Inspiration From Fans

In an interview with 101Barz, Eminem explained that his alter ego allows him the artistic freedom he needs to say anything.  However, it also allows him to appear as though he might be losing it and finally crossing the line into insanity. He said:

Many times when I was thinking about how I wanted to come back and what I wanted to do, every time would be the same answer. People wanna see you wild the f*ck out again. They wanna see you lose your mind again.

It’s no secret that Eminem went to rehab to try and get his life back on track.  His days of hard partying, or “wildin out,” were entertaining but took a toll on the rapper’s health.  This brings about the question: does America want it’s artists to stumble in a way that allows us to watch their career fall apart just so we can watch them rise again like the Phoenix,  born anew like Eminem?  It’s an interesting theory.

Like many others, famous people deal with substance abuse and emotional issues; the difference is the world watches and judges their every misstep (Britney Spears being the most obvious example.)  Could it be true?  Do we love to watch a star fall so that we can cheer them on as they make their big comeback?

Eminem makes an interesting point.  He seems much more accomplished now that he’s returned to music with a killer new album, despite his prior battles with pills and alcohol.  Let’s just hope he uses Slim Shady to fill in the darkness so that he doesn’t fall back into his former habits – that’s what alter egos are for.  Do you agree with the rapper?  Do we love to see artists “lose their minds” just for the sake of our entertainment?  Tell us what you think in the comments!


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