Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Bodyguard Fights Paparazzi

Jay-Z and Beyonce planned on having a romantic dinner while vacationing in Croatia, but instead ended up in an altercation with pushy paparazzi. After exiting a restaurant Wednesday night, Beyonce & Jay-Z were bombarded. The duo’s bodyguard was in no mood to deal with flash photography and jumped into action by snatching away the pap’s camera.

Beyonce & Jay-Z.

The altercation escalated when the paparazzi threw his tripod at the bodyguard who, in turn, tossed it into the ocean.  Beyonce and Jay-Z were trying to have a low-key and romantic evening together, but it seems things got a bit out of hand. I know having every moment of your life documented has got to be annoying, but is it right to take matters to such an extreme?  Or do you think Jigga and Sacha Fierce should have left their egos at home and allowed photographs?  Let us know in the comments!

  • V.Duvante from TyRonMania

    Even though I feel that once you become a celebrity, you basically sign your life over to the world however it’s one thing to take photos of a celebrity; it’s another to make it unbareable for a celebrity to live their life. Though the bodyguard did over-react by snatching the photographers camera, the photographer stepped way over the line by throwing his tripod. Can’t we all just get along?!

  • austin

    why dont they just leave them alone god

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