Taylor Says She’d Speak With Kanye If He Called

During an interview with the ladies of The View, country music star Taylor Swift appeared to be getting over the chaos of Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards. The whole thing started when Kanye West jumped on stage during her acceptance speech to proclaim that Beyonce has the best video of the millennium.

Taylor Swift.

Taylor appeared on the talk show to speak about he career and what exactly went down at the VMA’s.  Taylor explained:

I think my overall thought process went something like: ‘Wow, I can’t believe I won… This is awesome… Don’t trip and fall… I’m gonna get to thank the fans, this is so cool… Oh, Kanye West is here!’,” Swift told the ladies on The View, “‘Cool haircut… What are you doing there? And then, Ouch. And then, I guess I’m not gonna be able to thank the fans.’

Taylor also said she had not yet heard from Kanye personally, but she would be open to speaking with him if he did call her to apologize.  Swift went on to say that she’d be happy to meet with the hip hop star and call a truce if he did contact her.  The View employees are reporting that shortly after Taylor’s appearance she was contacted by Kanye West, who apologized for his onstage antics.

Do you think Kanye should have contacted Taylor immediately instead of blogging and then going on Jay Leno to explain himself?  Or was he in the right to reach out to her via the media to make sure she’d be willing to accept his apology?  Whatever the case Taylor really proved herself not only as a star but as a mature part of the music industry.

  • julie

    kayne west is out of he stupid freakin’ mined.oh wiat he dont have one. kayne get a life taylor if my inspiration!!!!!!!!!! ily taylor. if i was her i would have pushed is bald a** off stage


    good she is showin her maturee sideee.. nd how it should b..=]

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