Is Lady Gaga A Sellout?

A new video has leaked of Lady Gaga back in 2006 when she was merely Stefani Germanotta and boy, do a couple of years make all the difference.  It’s as if she’s an entirely different person and the whole character of Lady Gaga is some sort of ploy to get noticed.

Lady Gaga

If it is, you have to hand it to Gaga for being quite frankly the smartest marketer in pop music these days. In case you’re wondering, judgment’s being passed harshly on the extreme differences in the two performances. In the first, is Gaga performing in Hollywood dressed as your typical teenager.

In the second, Gaga’s shocking the VMA’s with her blood filled performance.

After checking out both those videos it seems like two different people were performing. Perhaps Gaga got sick of having her natural talent looked over and adopted a gimmick. However, I get the feeling if asked, Gaga would probably say that who she is today is a natural progression of who she was destined to become. What do you think? Did Lady Gaga sellout to make it big or did her talent take her to where she is now? Let us know in the comments!

  • chuck

    she sucks ass. Lady gaga is a joke and a man

  • rotna

    so fake

  • Zachary

    I don’t see it so much as selling out. I just think it’s a persona that she puts on, infront of cameras and on stage…People know her as Lady Gaga and not Stefani. At the end of the day, she can go home and be Stefani and not be as recognizable. O’d so change my appearance just so I could go home and live a nromal life.
    Anyone selling commercial music with no real talent behind them, is a sell out, which is most of the artists you play on your station.

  • Jamin

    Yes she is a sell out.

  • Debby

    Who is Lady Gaga? Is she the late Princess Diana’s sister? Anyway, she looks creepy… I would have to day she is a gimmick… pure bogus BS….

  • Martin

    “Lady gaga is a joke and a man”

    I dont know if that comment was a joke or not, but have you seen her lately in the “u and i” video? I think she really is a man!

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