Justin Bieber Hosted Halloween Night on AMP!

Here’s a little message from Justin Beiber himself!

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Check out what happened when Justin stopped by to hang out with McCabe earlier this week and remember to check back to find out when he’ll be hanging at Universal Citywalk with AMP Radio. CLICK HERE
Justin Bieber with McCabe

  • http://www.twitter.com/bruna_souza Bruna Souza

    eu te amo ♥

  • kacy kaichi

    i love you justin bieber
    u have an amazing voice
    i so wish i could meet you that would be a dream come true!!<33

    • JBiebsgirl

      its my wish too
      he’s sooo cute

  • katty

    OMG! i like totally love him and I will be calling from Peru :D

  • ana carolina

    perfect ‘-‘

  • Debbiebby1

    Aww<3 i cant wait to see you december 12th <3 Hopefullt i am that one less lonely girl you are looking for<33

    please DM on twitter @debbiebby1

  • http://twitter.com/rise1against Chris

    hey justin, hope u had a lot fun here in LA. im always supporting u. :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/amanda_lr2 Amanda Rodrigues

    I love you so much!

  • http://twitter.com/SaraAAlmeida SaaraHh Bieeber

    Eooo amo elle A RAZÃO DO MEU VIVERR …

  • Rudolf Born

    hey, i´m from germany and we all love justin bieber, because his music is very cool. happy halloween


  • Ofelia Herrera

    I wish i could be there but i cant.
    I would love for you to come to Idaho again thanks bye

  • ashley

    Justin i know u probably wont read this:( but i just wanted to let u know how talented u are, and i love ur music… i subscribe to all ur videos and would really like to meet u some day. i hope u feel better( i just got over from being sick). well stay healtly and that goes for ur family too! well thanks for taking ur time to read this is u r…

  • kattie

    Justin Bieber is probably NOT gonna read dis but..
    I love ur songs :)
    Some people says ur coming to jersey 2 do a concert :)

  • http://sweetjustinbieber.blogspot.com Cynthia Ortiz C.

    I love him, so much ♥ he’s the best singer

  • Cindy Tran

    OMGGGGG ! i can’t waitt ! I wanna meet JUSTIN BIEBER sooooooooo badly.. <3333

  • TaylorMartinelli

    Your Amazing And Is Missing Halloween Party To Listen To You <3

  • Emilie Coulombe

    justin’s perfect <3

  • TaylorMartinelli

    Your Amazing And Is Missing Halloween Partys To Listen To You <3

  • lizzie.

    Ohhh i wanted to listen when i saw it on his facebook then came here and noticed it was finished –‘ oh well . he has one great voice ;) and he is peng :L agree witht he girl on top eu tambem amo o justin :L

  • pinkynati

    you are awesome, Justin. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!! please follow me :) I would be so happy <3

  • lizzie.

    oh wait he is in LA. might aswell stay up and listen. as i am in london –‘ ! :D

  • http://www.myspace.com/craziejonas1 elizabeth

    come to nebraska plz??? a lot of people love you justin im a big fan
    I<3 YOU!!!!!

  • Irma Balesic

    Hi! I am irma ..14 yoars old girl from bosnia( country in europe)….. I listen radio online and i can waith to here Justin!!! Luv Ya…..

  • Tiffany!

    i love justin bieber. Can’t wait to hear him on the radio!

  • Miranda

    i love justin!! <3 i saw him at the steamtown mall, pa!! do u know if he is coming back to PA anytime soon?

  • http://www.twitter.com/sophieandbeth06 Sophie&Beth

    Omg Hey Justin Love The New Song Love Me We Really Do Love You , Do You love Us ? Good Luck With The Album We Preorderd It Your Gonna Be The Bomb !! <3 Love Sophie&Beth xx

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