Guess Who: Golden Haired Highchair Baby

Can you figure out which AMP artist this blonde curly haired baby is?  Here’s a hint, she’s nominated for multiple Grammys!

guess who Guess Who:  Golden Haired Highchair Baby

Keep reading for the answer!

It’s country cutie and “You Belong To Me” singer Taylor Swift!  Her perfect golden locks haven’t changed a bit in the past 20 years, don’t you agree?

gallery 1582 Guess Who:  Golden Haired Highchair Baby

Did you guess correctly?  Let us know in the comments!

  • sandy

    ummm i guessed right ha i knew because of her video for her song the best day it shows many videos of her while she was a child. she looks so kute her hair is exactly da same color nd it still has her wonderful curly locks i luv taylor swift!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    yea I did!

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