LMFAO’s Sky Blu & Mitt Romney’s Sky Brawl

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lmfao drinks 385 LMFAOs Sky Blu & Mitt Romneys Sky Brawl

Mitt Romney’s airline “attacker” finally emerges, and who else to throw “SHOTS!”, but a member of LMFAO.  Sky Blu (right), claimed Mitt Romney put a “Condor Grip” on his shoulder after he refused to put his seat-back to an upright position, pre-flight.

It all went down February 15th, on board a flight from Vancouver to L.A., when Sky Blu reclined his seat before take off.  Romney didn’t like the party rocker’s disrespect for airline regulations, began to raise his voice, and even put a “Condor Grip” as Blu stated, on his shoulder.

Blu claims all he did was shake Romney’s hold and Mitt took that as a punch thrown.

Here is LMFAO doing a video confessional after the incident went down.

nice undies bro…

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