Whatthehellsa’ Pitbull’s Watagatapitusberry!?

watagatpitusberry 385 Whatthehellsa Pitbulls Watagatapitusberry!?

Mr. 305 aka [lastfm]Pitbull[/lastfm], is a hit maker lets face it. His new song “Watagatapitusberry” makes no sense in the English language.  Read more about it and check it out.

With a slew of artists on it, including [lastfm]Lil Jon[/lastfm],  [lastfm]Pitbull[/lastfm] could make armpit fart noises and give you a #1 hit.  He debuted his new video for the watagata… whatever song today!

This is en Espanol, but en English, it sounds like a line from a Dr. Seuss book.

After the crew at AMP Radio watched the video we want to hang with these guys that are just having a blast.

After a little research seems that watagatapitusberry is a naughty thing… anyone? Also read it’s a Dominican created word that means… absolutely nothing. So we’re going with that version.

Without further ado…… “WHATAGATAPITUSBERRY!!” QUE!?


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