AMP Mornings: Best Breakfast Burrito in LA?

We always look forward to Fridays at AMP because of one reason: BREAKFAST BURRITOS!

burritomini AMP Mornings: Best Breakfast Burrito in LA?

Every Friday, Carson and the rest of us in the AMP Mornings crew celebrate the end of another week with a round of breakfast burritos. So what, we’ve been good all week and we’re allowed to stuff our faces for ONE day. This week, we decided to try somewhere other than our usual spot and wanted to share our chow session with you. Do you know where we can find the most drool-worthy breakfast burrito in LA?

We normally order from this one place in Culver City, but we were getting tired of their lackluster food that wasn’t exactly filling. They would skip out on giving us chips or salsa and anytime anyone ordered sausage, it would be like taking a bite into what Carson likes to call “midget fingers”.

burrito22 AMP Mornings: Best Breakfast Burrito in LA?

Today we ordered from Lucy’s Drive In on the corner of La Brea & Pico. Not only did they give us a massive bag of fresh chips, their burritos were SO much better than our old place. Everyone was raving about the fluffy eggs and how fresh everything tasted. Their salsa is also great and you’ll love it if you love spicy food. Carson’s favorite was the pickled carrots and jalapenos they threw in.

burritome2 AMP Mornings: Best Breakfast Burrito in LA?

More importantly, we wanna know… Where do you think has the BEST breakfast burritos? Tell us so we can scope them out!

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  • Marc

    i stick with the chorizo burrito from jack in the box. classic. :P

  • Lizbeth

    The breakfast burrito at Lucky Star in Lawndale/ Hawthorne Area…But the secret is having it with BOTH Bacon and Sausage and Extra Sauce, with the hash browns Inside

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  • Jed Fish

    breakfast burritos @ Top’s in Pasadena (2 locations; Colorado store in Monrovia, and on Walnut in Pasadena. My favorite there is the breakfast burrito, but in my old age I have slipped over to the Chef’s Salad, the best chef’s salad value anywhere. Cooking and serving teams A+

  • Gio

    RICK’s definitely has the best breakfast burrito that is served until 11:00 am for us late bloomers. It’s on the corner of Fletcher and Riverside Dr in L.A.(Elysian park/Silverlake Area). No chips needed, the burrito does the JOB!

  • nancy ortiz`

    fantastic cafe has the best burritos!!!

  • Ron

    The best I’ve had is a little hole in the wall in Burbank at The Corner Cottage on Victory Blvd. and Verdugo. Awesome burrito, the mix of eggs steak ham bacon or sausage with the most buttery potatoes and cheese is to die for ….and all only $4.50, Crazy Good!

    • Sabrina Cognata // Content Producer

      Thanks Ron, we’ll have to try it!

  • Selina

    I like the breakfast burrito from Telly’s ( but found this place Everest ( & i Love their breakfast burritos. I would say try both though. They are both really good. Also, if you havent ever eaten at Way Station for breakfast its a MUST!!! Their hashbrowns are to die for! Everything is good.

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