Win Tickets To 971 AMP Radio’s Switch Party!

385 maketheswitch Win Tickets To 971 AMP Radios Switch Party!
To celebrate one year of playing all your favorite hits, AMP is treating our loyal listeners who “Made The Switch” to a special concert party featuring the New Boyz and Kevin Rudolf.  Update: We’re all starting to head over to Knott’s Berry Farm .. so if you have passes just come on over!

AMP Radio is having a party! We want you there. Listen in everyday thru March 11th for your chance to win VIP tickets to 971 AMP Radio’s Switch Party Thursday, March 11th at Knott’s Berry Farm!

Here are the digits: 877.971.HITS (4487)

And if you become one of our FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS , then just CLICK HERE to enter to win!

Carson Daly will host the blowout featuring live performances from the [lastfm]New Boyz[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Kevin Rudolf[/lastfm]! Tickets get you park passes to Knott’s Berry Farm and to AMP’s VIP party!  The park opens at 10am and closes at 6pm, and the concert starts at 4pm!

  • knotts Win Tickets To 971 AMP Radios Switch Party!And remember Knott’s Berry Farm has an after school special price of $19.99 after 3:00PM! Visit

Check out galleries of [lastfm]Kevin Rudolf[/lastfm] and the [lastfm]New Boyz[/lastfm] while we wait for the Make the Switch Party!

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  • Stephanie bolda

    Kevin rudolf!!!! Omg I’m so here! How do I get tickets?!

  • chrisdubz

    Congrats to you guys for making it to one year! Although, I miss 97.1 FM Talk, dearly…

    • Frances

      Sorry you miss them so try to make it to the party! You can also get tix by being one of our FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS! WIN TIX TO AMP Radio’s SWITCH PARTY

      • chrisdubz

        If AMP could get Leykis to come – it’s a done deal! lol Don’t worry I will be there! :)

  • nebula gatica

    Hey new boyyzzz ily guys i made the switch 2 102.7 kiss fm to 97.1amp radio! i luvv kevin rudolf and new boyzz i have everything about them!<3 iv always wanted 2 meet all of u guys 4 3v3r and now its my chance ty ily guys bye ily guys!!!!! neby waz here!

  • Asha James

    I love amp radio, because I listen to my favorite songs in the car. I LOVE IT!!! ITS AWSOME!!!! I listen to my favorite stars in it. Thank you amp radio!!!!

  • Asha James


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    […] Win Tickets To 971 AMP Radio's Switch Party! « 97.1 AMP Radio […]

  • jordin

    i want to win

  • jordin

    help me i want to win

  • stephanie

    if we have passes already can we go to this? if so what time is it at?

  • elle

    i dont care about the vip thing cant u just buy tixs?

  • Danielle

    what if i already have a knotts annual pass? would i still have to win or pay to get in?

    • Frances

      Just show up!!!

  • breanna

    I won tickets to go to AMP Radio’s Switch party! Thank you AMP Radio for making my birthday awesome! <3

    • brittney


  • Ashley Beltran


  • rockmar22

    I NEEEEEDDDDD tickets for the Switch Party!
    My daughter will kill me if I don’t take her to this event. I made the switch from SUPER ESTRELLA to AMP>…..

  • rockmar22

    PLEASE I NEED those VIP Passes. this is what my dauther wants for her B-day Present. HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!

  • Erika P.

    OMG!!! i’ve been calling for these tickets since monday and i haven’t got them yet !!!! I really wanna go !!!

  • tamara

    I WON!!!!!!!…I <3 AMP RADIO!!!!

  • Amber


    • brittney

      can you me heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp*

  • Amber

    I have to win these tickets because its my best friends birthday on friday and I haven’t got her a gift yet and I want to give take her to see New Boyz and Kevin Rudolf so badly. She is in love with them . Also me and my other friend have called since Monday and texted the number over the weekend too. We almost got our phones taken away because we have called every hour! Please AMP RADIO give me the tickets(:

  • Nikki Montgomery

    I’m going!!!!!! YAY!!! Im taking my BFF,Caitlyn. U buy tickets at

  • tahari

    omg!omg!new boyz are gonna be there!im soooo there!!f#ck yeah

  • pampam (:

    when are the friends with benefit winners annouced?!

  • April Sitler

    I love you Carson…..Thank You….See you tmro

  • Christina

    super stoked for tomorrow!!!!! even though I have work I will be there at some point to party!!! woot woot for being caller 20 and winning – Thanks Michelle!!! :D

  • Priscilla

    good thing i made the switch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cuz i won tickets!!!!!omg thank you soo much amp radio!

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