#MusicMonday Top Songs On Twitter

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drake #MusicMonday Top Songs On Twitter

Every Monday we look forward to Commercial Free Mondays and Tweeters share their favorite songs on #MusicMonday and the top 40 trending songs are listed on Twit40 Charts.  Find out what songs everyone’s tweeting about!

#MusicMonday Top Songs on Twitter

  1. “Over”- [lastfm]Drake[/lastfm]  Drake
  2. “Alice”- [lastfm]Avril Lavigne[/lastfm]  Avril Lavigne
  3. “Bosan”- [lastfm]RAN[/lastfm]
  4. “Baby”- [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]  Justin Bieber
  5. “Getting Married”- [lastfm]Nas[/lastfm]  Nas
  6. “Never Let You Go”- [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]  Justin Bieber
  7. “Search And Destroy”- [lastfm]30 Seconds To Mars[/lastfm]  30 Seconds to Mars
  8. “Painting Flowers”- [lastfm]All Time Low[/lastfm]  All Time Low
  9. “Lemonade”- [lastfm]Gucci Mane[/lastfm]  Gucci Mane
  10. “In My Head”- [lastfm]Jason Derulo[/lastfm]  Jason Derülo

See the full list on Twit40 charts and follow AMP on Twitter!

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