Have Your Cake & Eat It Too? For Booker, Not So Much…

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cake screen shot Have Your Cake & Eat It Too? For Booker, Not So Much...

What’s up guys ‘n gals.  My name’s Ryan.  I’m part of the AMPtourage, blogging for AMPRadio.com, and DJ Booker’sPhone Op.  We had our weekly AMPtourage meeting today and we surprised our newest Amp Radio DJ Michelle with a birthday cake for, you guessed it, her birthday!  Booker found out that there was cake and was very unhappy that I didn’t bring him any. Check out what happened next.

Booker was so disgruntled that I didn’t bring him a sweet slice of ice cream cakey heaven, that he decided to go on-air and tell all of the listeners that I blow.

I BLOW!?  I’m a phone-op, not a waiter!

So I went back to the meeting room and I got Booker his cake.. . and delivered it to him in my own fashion. 

Check out the video below and see how Booker get’s his cake!

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