Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

lohan 385 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

Lindsay Lohan is getting a little redic’ these days.  She’s suing a company just for using her name. No.. not Lindsay Lohan.. just Lindsay.  You didn’t know she was the only Lindsay in the world!?  Our Amp Radio DJ’s decided that they should jump on the bandwagon and go lawsuit crazy!

Lindsay Lohan recently filed a lawsuit against E-Trade for supposedly modeling a baby in a commercial after her and even naming the kid, Lindsay. Lohan’s lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said the actress has the same single-name recognition as Oprah or Madonna.

She wants 100 million dollars for this image-jacking as well as the ad pulled.

 Check out the commercial, tell us what you think in the comments below.


After hearing this news, our Amp Radio DJ’s figured they could lose their minds too and start suing the pants off of anything with the same name as them.

Here is who are AMP Radio DJ’s are going after:

Carson is suing:

Carson Palmer

carson palmer weenie 200 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

Johnny Carson

johnny carson 200 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

And the entire town of Carson City, Nevada

carson city 200 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

 Michelle is suing:

Michelle Kwan

michellekwan 200 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

Michelle Obama

michelleobama 200 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

And Michelle Tanner

michelle tanner 200 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

Booker Is Suing:

Booker T. Washington

bookert Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

Booker T… the wrestler

bookert wrestler 200 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

Booker… the little chick from Garfield and Friends

booker garfield 200 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

McCabe is suing:


mccabe Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Madness

 That’s right.  He’s the only famous guy named McCabe he could find.  That, and I don’t think he looked too hard…

So hey McCabe…Will you take me to get a burger at Bossa Nova after you win all the money from yourself? Thanks!!


DISCLAIMER: Thankfully, no one here at AMP Radio is really suing anyone.  Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan really is suing E-Trade.


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