Chris Brown Super Fans Tattoo Themselves To Prove Loyalty

chris brown 1 Chris Brown Super Fans Tattoo Themselves To Prove Loyalty

Last week [lastfm]Chris Brown[/lastfm] begged for fans to show some support, and this week one crazy fan actually tattooed Chris Brown’s name on her body. Dang that’s what we call loyalty!While surfing the net I came across this twitpic from this girl who is a part of the Team Breezy Twitter campaign by flaunting not her first, but second Team Breezy tattoo. With all that said and done she claimed that Chris retweeted her twitpic image but we all know that [lastfm]Chris Brown[/lastfm] quit Twitter months ago.

The first tattoo:

chris brown Chris Brown Super Fans Tattoo Themselves To Prove Loyalty claimed that the girl was 14 years-old which if that were the case, where were her parents during this and how did she save the money for these tattoos? However, the very tatted [lastfm]Chris Brown[/lastfm] fan just tweeted that she’s actually 18-years-old and called out for getting their facts wrong.

screen shot 2010 03 15 at 5 09 52 pm Chris Brown Super Fans Tattoo Themselves To Prove Loyalty

Hmmmm… well I guess someone heard his much talked about plea for help from his fans.

  • Would you get a tattoo on you to show your support for [lastfm]Chris Brown?[/lastfm] or any of your other favorite artists?  Let us know if you’ve done this and we’ll make sure that your tattoo gets highlighted in a photo gallery!
  • lisa

    NO i would not but hey its her body she can do what ever she wants

    PS. I would really want if u guys would play I love U by chris brown or sing like me by chris brown thanks !!!

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