Iyaz Covers Green Day, Fans Frown

iyaz Iyaz Covers Green Day, Fans Frown

[lastfm]Iyaz[/lastfm] has said time and again that he’s got big plans to work with his idols, [lastfm]Green Day[/lastfm], however after listening to his cover of their song “21 Guns” he better give up his dream.

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To show his dedication to the band’s work he decided to recently cover Green Day’s “21 Guns” in a live performance.  The result is likely the worst cover ever recorded.

So much for [lastfm]Iyaz[/lastfm]’s dream to work with [lastfm]Green Day[/lastfm] and infuse his island flavor with their punk roots.  For now it seems like the best [lastfm]Iyaz[/lastfm] can do is focus on his own brand of music before he proves he doesn’t have any musical talent.

What do you think?  Take our poll and let us know what you think of [lastfm]Iyaz[/lastfm]’s [lastfm]Green Day[/lastfm] cover.

  • Jonathan luis

    i kinda liked it, it wasnt so horrible as i thought it was gonna be he did aight

  • david

    HEy you know all he had to do was put more feeling in the chorus and like keep a good tone not go so high and pitchy

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