AMP Mornings: Win an Apple iPad!

swapmeet AMP Mornings: Win an Apple iPad!

What would you trade of YOURS to get one of OUR iPads? Let us know and you could win one all this week at Carson’s Swap Meet!

Every day this week, Carson has an Apple iPad up for grabs. Don’t know what it is? Here’s a quick look at Apple’s newest gadget, which isn’t even in stores yet:

apple ipad e1269891385418 AMP Mornings: Win an Apple iPad!

  • 9.7-inch touchscreen LCD display
  • Half-inch thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds
  • 10-hour battery life and a month of standby
  • Bluetooth plus 802.11n WiFi and optional 3G
  • Read magazines, books, organize photos
  • Surf the web, download & use apps, watch movies, listen to music

Basically, this is every nerd’s dream come true. And even if you aren’t a nerd, how cool would it be to be the first one not even on your block… but in your TOWN to have one in your hands?

How you win is simple… Carson wants to trade something that you have for one of his iPads. Be creative. Look around your house. How about that garage or storage unit that you haven’t cleaned out in YEARS? What do you think Carson would want to trade for?

Here’s a list of things he likes:
Beer, music, the Food Network, motorcycles, the Raiders, golf, grilling on the barbecue, movies, cycling…

What do YOU have to trade with us? E-mail us at with your name, contact info, where you’re from and your trade story. Listen from 6-10am ALL THIS WEEK to try and score an iPad from Carson Daly & AMP Mornings!

  • Congrats to our first winner Dennis D. from Highland, CA! He traded Carson his 42″ flat screen HDTV along with his HD DVD player for an iPad. Thanks, Dennis, that flat screen is gonna look great in the studio!
  • tiffany lemus

    i can trade my dads tequila
    black and label ha
    or vodka

  • Jermaine

    I would trade a 5-pack of beer for an iPad

  • james dunworth

    hello amp carson d and the rest of the crew, i have a computer moniter, and i have psp3000 with a camera a bunch of games, and i have a lot of dvd movies, plus a lot of kool computer gagets, ok plus a buch of kool great thingz ok i would 2 win an ipad real badd ok AMP RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Kim

    I can trade a a case of corona and a cole slaw sandwich from langers

    • rick

      good luck with that

  • aris chavez

    so what would i trade carson, i would trade him a Raiders motorcyle with beer hodling sides and that has totall access to any new movies for free, also comes with a barbecue grill on the back of the motorcycle, not only that but that motorcycle comes with a all year pass to golfing, an ipod nano 5ht generation, the best bike in the world, and last but not least the Food Network channel … now if only i could find all those great things in my garage haha

  • david

    I have a box of matza just in time for passover

  • Tom Le

    lool i would trade carson a 24 pack of Heineken and bunch of recycling stuff o-o” loool i hope i can win

  • Tom Le

    lmfao i mean cycling stuff :o

  • Alex B

    Carson: You like movies for trade? How about a signed special edition laserdisc set of the first phantasm film!?

  • Alfonso Mancillas

    Hey guys at amp radio. Well I got these Red skullcandy lowriders headphones that I use at school cuz I am DJ at school sometimes and well I want to try to get an iPad for my sister before she goes off to college. And since money is tight right now I thought I would try and get her one from you guys.

  • Bri Langlas

    I’ll trade my PSP!!

  • ben aroussi

    i would trade out almost new barbeque grill with a side burner and a gas tank plus a pack of beer

  • sue arnold

    I can trade my time to be a personal assistant to your radio crew. I want to get the IPAD for my daughter who is 17. I will come down and pour coffee, do work and buy In and Out lunch for your morning staff and you any morning you want. Thanks so much. Sue

  • Samantha Barnes

    Hey GUys!!! good morning…so…i just bought A brand new HP net book two weeks ago for school (college)…you guys can hae it!!!…id love the trade..It is blue has a camera windows 7 not too bad : )..I would love to be the kewl kid in class ..and a warranty : )..I also bought a wireless hp printer that I have not opened yet pretty sick! you can have that too : )…come on guys make my spring break : )..Carson..I also have a pair of size 42 cycling can hang them in your rear veiw mirror..and some charcoal for your summer time barbecue. lol..thanks guys!

  • Alfonso Mancillas

    Or actually I do have another pair of skullcandy headphones and they are called the skullcandy wireless double agent headphones and I will also throw in the pair as well.
    you guys are the best

  • corina w

    I have an original atari and 20 games which as of about a year ago still worked

  • Trina

    I have lots of golf!! My husband is a golf pro.. Get you whatever you wants!! Lessons, be creative. We will love an ipad!!

  • Trina

    I will trade you my husband!! He is a fantastic golf pro and will bring you any golf items!! Name it!! Please.. We LOVE…. Apple!!!

  • Tim Jackson

    I will trade a basketball signed by James Worthy for IPad

  • Kathy

    My daughter has an autographed picture of Joe Montana (KC Chiefs) and Steve Young (49er’s) she would be willing to trade. The photograph is signed by both players and is authentic. It would look great in your new office!

    • tristian

      ill take it lol give u guitar for it

  • Olga Hernandez

    I’m willing to give up my orginal ET stuffed animal I got when I was a little girl 28 years ago.. it is used of course has sentimental value of course..has the orginal tag showing made in 1982..

  • Ariane Davis

    i can trade my full size will ferrell simi-pro poster. :]

  • Ariane Davis

    i can also trade an autographed picture of Mr. T… :]

  • Ava Tumbarello

    I am willing to trade some of my sister and my Victoria Secret bras. They will make perfect wall decor.

  • Luke

    Original Nintendo working with two controllers, Mario, Duck Hunt, Zelda, Contra, and Super Tecmo Bowl. Plus other games!!!

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