Little Boy Dreams To Be A Single Lady

single ladies Little Boy Dreams To Be A Single Lady

Categorize this under “wicked adorable.” After a father shot down a little boy’s dreams to be a single lady, he didn’t expect such a devastated reaction from his son.  Watch this new web sensation and prepare to cue the “aawwww’s.”

Watch as the cutest family ever sings along to [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm]’s “Single Ladies,” but then the little boy’s heart is broken after his father tells him he’s not a single lady. Way to be a debbie downer, dad! Don’t worry he’s quick to reassure his son that in fact, he can be a single lady, cute!

  • famoso_restaurant

    “Fame is a bee It has a song- It has a sting- Ah, too, it has a wing.”

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