Ciara Is Pregnant?

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96287151 Ciara Is Pregnant? [lastfm]Ciara[/lastfm] took to her twitter page to announce the big news of her being preggers, so who’s the babies daddy??

Okay by now your probably sick of April Fool’s Jokes but this time [lastfm]Ciara[/lastfm] pulled a great joke on Twitter, and had her fans gagging and wondering who the baby daddy is. I guess the joke’s on us because she retweeted and added that was it was all an April Fools joke!

screen shot 2010 04 01 at 3 44 18 pm Ciara Is Pregnant?

To explain herself and her cute spanx joke, she also laughed at the fans for their hilarious comments.

screen shot 2010 04 01 at 3 40 51 pm Ciara Is Pregnant?

  • Did you pull any jokes today? Did anyone pull any jokes on you. Well if so, let us know!!
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