AMP Mornings Video: The Great Jalapeño Challenge

picture 21 AMP Mornings Video: The Great Jalapeño Challenge

When Carson‘s away, the rest of AMP Mornings plays! We had leftover jalapeño peppers from our weekly Friday breakfast burrito meal, so of course there was a challenge to be made… Team Girl (Seena) vs Team Boy (Stephen)!

So Marcus saw that we had jalapeño peppers left over from our meal and thought it would be funny to challenge Stephen and I to eat them. Looking back, I’m not sure how Marcus got away with being the camera guy and not eating a pepper… Hmm… This is what happened:

It looks like I lost the challenge… but WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Here’s what REALLY happened and what you missed in the last video.

The lesson here?

Boys lie.


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