Lady Gaga’s James Bond Theme Song Might Be A Duet

ladygagagaga Lady Gagas James Bond Theme Song Might Be A Duet

Rumors continue to circulate around the possibility of a  Lady Gaga James Bond theme song, getting us very excited.  However, now reports are indicating that her James Bond theme song might become a possible duet with one of music’s biggest icons.

Check out who it is after the jump!

It’s [lastfm]Elton John[/lastfm]!

lady gaga and elton john1 Lady Gagas James Bond Theme Song Might Be A Duet

The two worked together during the GRAMMYs doing a duet of [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm]’s “Speechless” and it seems that [lastfm]Elton John[/lastfm] really enjoyed working with the new Queen of Pop as he’s lobbying not only for her to write the next James Bond theme song, but record it as a duet with him saying:

I’m really pleased that Lady GaGa is up for the theme tune.  She’s fantastic and it would be amazing to do a duet.

The two of them might really come up with something that’s not only cutting edge, but timeless, which is what most of the best James Bond theme songs have been able to do.

Check out the twosome’s GRAMMY Duet:

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[Source: AceShowBiz]


    gosh!! shes not the f*cking queen of pop!! Britney is!! all this sh*t about her being so damn original and people calling here the “queen of pop” is making me want to burn her albums and hate her!! i really like her, but not to that point!! if anyone is the queen is BRITNEY SPEARS !!!

  • seaOMY1


  • Clara

    Brittany Spears can’t sing like Gaga can. Long live Gaga truly the Queen of Pop!

  • irishcupcake09

    First off, Britney hasn’t been the Queen of Pop since she got all psyco, Lady Gaga is 100x more original then Britney Spears is, and ever will be.

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