#MusicMonday’s Top Song On Twitter

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Combat that Easter sugar high by relaxing to the top ten songs according to Twitter users.  Vote and discover the best new music on #MusicMondays!

#MusicMondays Top 10 Songs on Twitter:

  1. “Not Myself Tonight”- [lastfm]Christina Aguilera[/lastfm] Christina Aguilera
  2. “Baby”- Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
  3. “Over”- Drake Drake
  4. “Never Let You Go”- Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
  5. “There Goes My Baby”- [lastfm]Usher [/lastfm] Usher
  6. “Window Seat”- [lastfm]Erykah Badu[/lastfm] Erykah Badu
  7. “Fall For Your Type”- Drake Drake
  8. “OMG”- [lastfm]Usher[/lastfm]  Usher
  9. “That Should Be Me”- Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
  10. “Tak Pernah Setengah Hati”- [lastfm]Tom Pi[/lastfm] Tom Pi

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