You Want To Talk To Bieber? Oh.. I Got Bieber

devilish grin2 You Want To Talk To Bieber? Oh.. I Got Bieber

Well hello there.  It’s been a while since I have written a  post.  Mostly because I have been answering about a thousand phone calls an hour for [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm].  No.. not requests, people want to TALK to [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm].  Someone put our number out on youtube saying this was [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]’s personal number. Yeah, because we all have 877 phone numbers.. Check out what I did…

Okay, so a quick backstory for ya.  We here at AMP Radio, switched phone carriers.  The new phone company was supposed to block all calls that aren’t LA area codes, they didn’t.  Now we are getting calls from all over the US and beyond (seriously, I got a call from a British guy in Tokyo).

So instead of those with the [lastfm]Bieber[/lastfm] Fever in So. Cal. calling us.. it’s every person with the Bieberitis across the world cuz of this YouTube video.

I figured the only logical thing was to give people [lastfm]Bieber[/lastfm]!

Here is just a taste of the many calls I have received…


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