Beyonce Puts On Her Driving Shoes

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lady gaga and beyonce in telephone Beyonce Puts On Her Driving Shoes

Beyoncé is getting behind the wheel and taking driving lessons from her husband Jay-Z.  If I had her kind of money, I would just stick to people driving me around, but hey, she’s gotta learn sometime. 

The UK newspaper, The Sun, reported that [lastfm]Beyoncé [/lastfm] is learning how to drive with one on one lessons from none other than her hubby [lastfm]Jay-Z[/lastfm].  The couple cruises around in the morning in order to avoid busy streets and distracting paparazzi.

They reported, “Jay and Beyoncé normally go out mid-morning when it’s quiet. Their bodyguards are always in tow but they never ride in the car with them” (RTT).

So let’s get this straight, in the music video “Telephone” with [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm], Beyoncé was behind the wheel and she doesn’t know how to drive?! Gaga is one brave soul.  But more power to [lastfm]Beyoncé[/lastfm] for not relying on others to get around!

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