Britney Spears’ “Dramatic” Single Leaked

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83883022 Britney Spears Dramatic Single Leaked

After being rejected off the Blackout album, Britney Spears’ original demo of her single ‘Dramatic” has been leaked online.  It’s the same single that Heidi Montag claimed she recorded a “duet” with Brit, but the real version without Heidi’s tone-deaf voice slapped overtop the vocals was recovered.  Compare the two versions and tell us which you like better!

After a last-minute call to nix “Dramatic” off Britney Spears’ Blackout album, the single was reportedly stolen by her former manager Sam Lufti, and wound up in the manufactured hands of Heidi Montag.

She then recorded her vocals overtop the original version, claiming it was a duet with Britney and tried promoting it on a radio show. 

The real version was just leaked online, and Brit fans agree the single wouldn’t have worked on the Blackout album because of the slow pace, but overall it’s a good single that should be released on its own. 

Listen to the two version below and let us know which one you like better! Disclaimer: Expletive language used.

Original “Dramatic” version:

Heidi Montag’s rip-off:

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