Lindsay Lohan Is Not Going Broke Says Her Mother!

86333 audio dina lohan talks lindsays weight controversy Lindsay Lohan Is Not Going Broke Says Her Mother!

Calm down people!  [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm] is not $600,000 in debt.  At least, according to her mother she isn’t.  Too bad reports of her deteriorating financial state are running rampant around the web.

Is there any real truth to these claims?  Find out after the jump!

The White Oprah has come to the aid of her daughter sighting that Lindsay hasn’t squandered her money on partying and frivolous purchases:

She is not going into credit card debt. Absolutely not. And her business managers… I actually am in contact with them every day.  And you know Lindsay will spend money but she has people that run what she does. We had another manager that we’ve now moved. We kind of cleaned house and we have somebody else who… I mean everyone was great but we just needed to clean house and start over. So Lindsay doesn’t really pay her bills. Someone else does, so they wouldn’t let her do that.

I dunno about you, but things are sounding worse and worse for Lindsay.  Not only is she looking beat these days, it sounds like she’s finally finished.  Hopefully, Lindsay’s mother is right because if LiLo really is $600,000 in debt, there’s no way her leggings line is going to pay those bills.  Especially since Lindsay isn’t acting as much as she used to.

Maybe Lindsay can get back to where she was when she did Mean Girls, one of our favorite AMP films!  Check out a clip from it!

[Source:  Radar Online]

  • ampluver

    Lindsay Lohan is totally in debt! I heard she is charging only like $2,500 to $5,000 for appearances… that’s less than the Jersey Shore kids!! haha… she is officially a hasbeen!

  • Michelle

    who buys her leggings line? I bet she is broke!

  • maurice

    im so tired of this chick.. go back to rehabbbb

    • jasmine

      why is her mom famous, tell her to shut it and let lindsey come out with mean girls 2!!! i <3 mean girls!!!!!!!

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