Popchip Rescue At AMP Radio

popchiphell Popchip Rescue At AMP RadioHere at AMP Radio, we are firm believers in “leaving no man behind.”  So when I passed the vending machine on the way to leave work, and saw that a bag of helpless Popchips have been left behind, just stuck lifeless in the vending machine, so  I felt it my duty and obligation to save these chips.  Like Lassie when Timmy falls in the well,  I responded with all my might (Ma’ and Pa’ didn’t show up though).  Thankfully, the heroic rescue was caught on tape.trans Popchip Rescue At AMP Radio

And you can see it here!

Popchips are a delicious treat. They’re potato chips, but instead of being cooked the conventional way, they’re cooked with some heat and pressure, and the potato POPS. I saw these poor little pressure popped potatoes laying at the bottom of the vending machine face down on the way out of work.

Four dollars, a little patience, some elbow grease, and a lot of embarrassment later, I got them Popchips! They are now safe and sound, snuggly placed in my cabinet next to all the other snacks I bought in the process.

I like to consider myself the Angelina Jolie of snacks, I will adopt any snack, munchie, or scrumdiddiliumptious candy bar I see and bring it home. Bet Brad wishes she adopted snacks…way less expensive!

  • xADRi_ROD

    haha that was funny! at my school we usually kick the vending machine.But they put a cage around the vending machine..because people keep braking it! We still do it. i did it one time & i got a Bruise on my leg,Because of the cage..lmao

    • Ryan

      im glad we dont have cages here. i would have probably got my foot or head stuck between the bars…

  • Christina Lowe

    LOL that was pretty awesome Ryan! my favorite part was when the candy cane got stuck lol … but that flamingo was pretty classic too!! :D

  • ampluver

    freaking HILARIOUS.

  • juan

    dude your radio station is the best.
    my little brother is like an addict to amp, and he’s only 8!!!! LOL

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