Twitter Wars: Spencer Pratt Is Losing His Marbles

80783802 Twitter Wars: Spencer Pratt Is Losing His Marbles

There’s nothing like a one-sided attack on your wife’s ex-friend on a prominent Social Networking site that really says classy. Leave it to Spencer the Rat to fuel a petty attack on his former Hills co-star, Lauren Conrad and further prove he is not only a terrible human being but a really horrible speller.

Who knows what provoked Spencer Pratt to start his one-sided b!tch fest aimed at Hills co-star Lauren Conrad on his Twitter. Perhaps it was boredom or insanity.  Honestly, who knows why this person does anything he does? All I know is that he littered his Twitter account with nonsense slanders at LC, proving, if nothing else, that he’s a jackal.

spencer twitter one Twitter Wars: Spencer Pratt Is Losing His Marbles

Oh and there’s more, I couldn’t even get all his ridiculous comments in one screen shot. The comments continue to roll in:

spencer twitter two Twitter Wars: Spencer Pratt Is Losing His Marbles

Hopefully he got all his verbal diarrhea out of his system by now. Lauren Conrad responded the grown up way, by not responding at all.

  • Can we just get a ban on all things Spencer?  Seriously, he is this close to being banned forever on our website.  Who thinks Spencer went a little overboard with subjecting users to his absurd thoughts?  Maybe it’s time for us to call out Spencer!  Leave your feelings about him in the comments!
  • Christina Lowe

    R U EFFIN serious right now!!!! who the hell does this person think he is!!! number 1, the dude can’t spell, number 2, he has horrible grammar, and he is a F***in nobody in this world! I am sorry that he is even on tv… he doesn’t deserve to be at all… and how can anyone say that LC is not relevant – @laurenconrad stop trying to get famous you haven’t been relevant since laguna beach. You need ghost writers pretend you can spell or read. – she writes books, she is in the magazines all the time for fashion (all the right fashion!)……ahhhh I wanna KILL spenser… ya thats right, i spelled his name wrong! ;) LOSER!

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