Justin Bieber Wants Fans To Just Calm Down!

98263609 Justin Bieber Wants Fans To Just Calm Down!

We all know the dreamy [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] makes all the young girls swoon, but after the recent fanpede in Australia and when someone dared to steal his hat and knock down his mum in a New Zealand airport, the Biebs is trying to talk some sense into his fans.

Even Justin Bieber himself thinks JB fans are getting out of control, taking to his Twitter once more to express his disappointment with fanatic crowds trampling their way through just to get a glimpse of his sweeping locks. 

After arriving to a group a 500 shrieking girls at a New Zealand airport yesterday, JB’s hat was stolen and his mother was knocked down in the rush of fans greeting him.

justin bieber twitter 2 e1272487503535 Justin Bieber Wants Fans To Just Calm Down!

Come on people is right! Knocking down the woman who breathed life into your teen idol?! Not cool, Biebermanics, not cool.  The mishap didn’t put a damper on his trip though, Tweeting an update earlier today:

justin bieber twitter e1272487809853 Justin Bieber Wants Fans To Just Calm Down!

Is the Biebermania going to far? Pretty soon he won’t be able to make any public appearances, you don’t want that do you?!

  • tammy

    Not cool people ya’ll should know better…who ever stole his hat he is going to hate you 4ever…and knock down his mama NOT RIGHT!!!!!this dissapoints me soooooooooo much….if you think its right to you well maybe just ask Justin, lets see if he forgives you….i understand you Justin

  • brintey

    thats so messed up like come on stealing his hat knocking down his mom thats so wrong i know im not him but i am really mad for wat they did but come on just calm down and tammy im with u on this one

    • brintey

      i know right i got ur back on dis one

  • Katelyn

    wow! People do you not want to see him again? Im pretty sure that NOBODY wants that to ever happen!!!!!!!!! Guess you guys hate him. I dont hate him. It would sucke if he couldn’t come to see his fans any more. LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!

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