Kat DeLuna’s “Push Push”

08 Kat DeLuna’s Push Push

Summer is around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for this year’s big summer anthem. Thankfully, we’ve found ours early courtesy of [lastfm]Kat Deluna[/lastfm]; a Bronx girl through and through. The song “Push Push” is incredibly catchy, so catchy in fact that it’s already finding its way into all of the clubs.

kat1 Kat DeLuna’s Push Push

Deluna’s name might seem familiar, that’s because you probably recall her popular song “Whine Up” featuring [lastfm]Elephant[/lastfm] or the song “Run This Show” with Busta Rhymes. She has a new album out called Inside Out that can currently be purchased on iTunes.

So, now that you’ve heard our summer anthem, what’s yours? What song will be the soundtrack to sweet summer romances, cozy bonfires, raging parties, and lazy days spent at home?  Let us know in the comments!

  • richard

    I really like this song, its very summer. Big dancing and work out tunes. Kat deluna is so good at making energy songs

  • am big lee

    good kat i teel you befor you are the super star

  • lehn Michelle

    She is so underrated!!!
    “PushPush” is definitely a smash!!!!!!!

  • ieva

    good song and you have a good voice

  • bryanarea

    wat up i love your songs!!!!! :)

  • bryanarea

    wat up i luv ur songz !!!!!!!! :)

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