‘The Hills’ Tonight: Are The Drug Rumors True?

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screen shot 2010 05 04 at 4 14 41 pm The Hills Tonight: Are The Drug Rumors True?

“The Hills,” continues to get juicy this season. Episode 2 premieres tonight and the scandals are flying all over the place. Is Kristen really doing drugs, is Stephanie really ruining everyone’s lives, and will Brody and Audrina hook-up again? We have the sneak peaks for all this and more after the jump!

Tonight, Kristen will try to get to the bottom of the drug rumors getting spread around about her. Will she be successful, will she find the culprit? We hope so, because if she does that would be some great drama for tonight’s show?!

  • There’s Been Some Rumors:

Now that Brody is single, we are hoping that some drama stirs up between him and Audrina. Though Audrina has been linked to dating [lastfm]Ryan Cabrera[/lastfm], we think that she would look hot standing next to Brody. Who knows…guess time will tell.

  • Let It Be Known:

Yay, more episodes with Spencer. He already starts off this clip looking like a douche bag, we just hopes he keeps up the good work! That’s his only role in the show anyways, right!?!

  • Look In the Mirror:

We’ve seen in past seasons that Stephanie Pratt is all about drama and getting in the middle of it. So when Kristen confronts her about the rumor, Stephanie gets pretty defensive. Seems to me there is a reason that people don’t trust her!

  • Why Don’t You Trust Me?:

Will you tune in to tonight’s episode of “The Hills”? Do you even care about their drama?

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