D’oh Moment From Justin Bieber

98770964 Doh Moment From Justin Bieber

Good thing Justin Bieber is enrolling in high school next fall, because he needs a little refresher on the English language.  And maybe a lesson in German heritage, which apparently isn’t a “thing we say in America.” 

[lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] visited a New Zealand music station and was thrown a curveball by the interviewer.  Maybe it was the Kiwi accent that confused the little tyke, but after asking whether or not “Bieber” meant “basketball” (it doesn’t) in German, Biebs replied with a ‘derr’ answer. 

Well, at least we know he likes basketball! It’s ok, Biebs, we’re into your hypnotizing voice and dreamy looks, not your book smarts.

  • britney

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuu more than any1 in the world justin drew bieber and im not just some crazy fan

    • brielle

      hes hot

  • Claire Hope Swanstrom-Bieber

    hahaha HE IS SUCH A SPAAAAAZZZZZZ!!!!! but i LOVE HIM <3

  • Flores Emily

    :O its true!

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