Lady Gaga Gets Cut On ‘American Idol’

american idol Lady Gaga Gets Cut On American Idol

The Idol contestants weren’t the only ones subject to being cut from the “American Idol” stage, but even megastar [lastfm] Lady Gaga[/lastfm]’s anticipated performance was cut down due to time restraints.  See who America voted off this week, plus watch Gaga’s performance the way is meant to be seen, unedited. 

Last night’s cast off came as a bit of a shock to most, after Casey James’ underwhelming — wait, no that’s sugar coating it a bit — catastrophic performance the night before, we thought his elimination was inevitable. 

Nope.  His pretty face wasn’t even in the bottom two.  The vote came down to the consistently solid Michael Lynche and the underdog Aaron Kelly. Youngster Aaron Kelly couldn’t shine past his more experienced competitors and was sent home.  Nice kid, though.

I heard rumors about [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm]’s over-budget, impressive set for the Idol stage and expected another theatrical performance from the pop star, but I was a little let down.  It had all the key Gaga elements: revealing outfits, choreographed dancing, an arch angel fountain of blood, but her voice was just a little bit…off.

Maybe it was the acoustics in the theater, or the fact Idol producers edited her performance down, or maybe she was tired.  Who knows, but I wasn’t blown away by her performance of “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro.” Check out the unedited version and tell us what you thought of Gaga’s set on “Idol.”


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