AMP Mornings: The Baby Food Diet

baby food pic1 AMP Mornings: The Baby Food Diet

So Carson had this brilliant idea to put me on the “Baby Food Diet” since he read that Jennifer Aniston and possibly our favorite, [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm], are on it. There was a taste test we did on-air this morning. Hilarity ensued. Hear for yourself!

Here’s the bit if you need to catch up:

Here is the lovely meal I was provided with… Mmmm…. =|
At least it was organic…

baby2 AMP Mornings: The Baby Food Diet

And this would be my initial reaction to tasting the “Lasagna and Meat Sauce”:

baby1 AMP Mornings: The Baby Food Diet

Please tell me WHY there even IS a “Lasagna and Meat Sauce” food for BABIES!? Like babies care…  Anyway… Tonight, before I start my overnight shift at 12am, I’m going to bring some of my new diet foods along and see if I can convince McCabe to try some.

I’ll make sure to keep you updated on my progress… Carson wants to weigh me on-air live tomorrow morning. Fabulous…

  • Christina Lowe

    Seena, girl you are nuts only cause you don’t need to be on a diet!! But hey I am supporting you 110% woot woot! I hope McCabe tries it haha !

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