American Idol: Beauty Beats The Beast

american idol2 American Idol: Beauty Beats The Beast

In the results show determining the final three contestants on American Idol, it wasn’t a shocker that “Big” Michael Lynche was eliminated…again. Re-watch his classy speech and see performances from former Idols, Fantasia and Daughtry.

It wasn’t surprising to See Big Mike leave the Idol stage on last night’s results show, but it was shocking to learn that the weakest contestant, Casey James, had the most votes of the night.  It just goes to show that a great head of hair, pearly whites, and baby blue eyes can make anyone sound good. 

The bottom two of the night was between Big Mike and front-runner, Crystal Bowersox, but when it was revealed he was out, Mike kept it classy and graciously thanked the judges for the opportunity to be there.

Missed the performances from [lastfm]Fantasia[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Daughtry[/lastfm]? Check out the clips below!

Fantasia — “Bittersweet”

Daughtry — “September”

What are your thoughts on the final three in the running for American Idol? Let us know who your favorite is!

  • Clarissamia

    Ryan pointed out that the results was revealed “at no particular order”, which means Casey didn’t necessarily get the most votes. He could have been at the bottom two. The Idol producers had hoped to create drama by leaving the possibility of Crystal being voted off Daughtry-style (in 4th place) until the last minutes of the show, but it backfired, because all polls indicate that Crystal was the front-runner, with Casey neck to neck with Big MIke for 3rd place. Declaring Casey safe right away left little doubt on who was going home that night.

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