McCabe Tries The Baby Food Diet

mccabebaby McCabe Tries The Baby Food Diet
When our night guy McCabe heard about Carson putting me on the Baby Food Diet, he took up the challenge of giving it a try. I stopped by his show and captured his reaction here!

The Baby Food Diet is a crazy diet that Jennifer Aniston and (allegedly) [lastfm]Lady Gaga [/lastfm]are both on. You are ONLY allowed to eat baby food throughout the day, with one “adult sized” meal for dinner. Jenn Aniston was said to have lost 7 pounds on this! Well… OF COURSE you’re gonna lose weight! You’re eating MUSH!

McCabe is thinking, “What the hell am I doing with my LIFE?”img 0019 McCabe Tries The Baby Food Diet

The banana baby food has been SPOONED!

img 0020 McCabe Tries The Baby Food Diet

Finally it’s time for the taste test…

Listen to what happened LIVE on AMP Radio!

Did he REALLY enjoy that? …Check out the look on his face!
img 0021 McCabe Tries The Baby Food Diet

Final verdict: McCabe approves of people over 3 eating baby food!
img 0023 McCabe Tries The Baby Food Diet

To see/hear the original taste test that Carson Daly and AMP Mornings did, click here!


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