Alternate Music Video For Beyonce’s “Halo”

beyonce1 Alternate Music Video For Beyonces Halo

A new, darker version of Beyoncé’s ballad “Halo” has been released on the net.  Decide if this version is better than the original or if it should have stayed under wraps.

The alternate version of “Halo” still features actor Michael Ealy as the love interest, but the video is much darker than the original.  Ealy is chased by an unknown figure in the woods and killed while [lastfm]Beyoncé[/lastfm] drives in her car to find him.  Hmm, I wonder what the reason for scraping this version for the sunnier, light version we’ve all come to know. 

Watch both videos to compare and let us know which one you like better!

Alternate “Halo” version

Original “Halo” video

[Source: Idolator]

  • jonathan Luis

    i kinda like the newer one cause of the twist on da story and how its kinda like she just thought he had a halo but was hiding something lol both r good :)

  • Carlitos

    omg i actually get this video beyonce is showing two sides Sasha Fierce and Beyonce herself a double ganger great video this version is better

  • famoso_restaurant

    “Fame is a bee It has a song- It has a sting- Ah, too, it has a wing.”

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