AMP Mornings UPDATE: Carson vs. Booker

bookerdodgers AMP Mornings UPDATE: Carson vs. Booker

Booker had first pitch honors at last Friday’s Dodgers Switch Party, and Carson bet him that he wouldn’t be able to pitch it to home plate WITHOUT the catcher taking a step. We need YOUR help deciding who owes who a hundred bucks! $$$

And here is the CLEARER video of the first pitch:

AMP Dodgers Switch Party:

Who needs to pay up $100?

REMEMBER: The BET was on whether the catcher MOVED!

  • Christina Lowe

    I have to give it a tie for a couple reasons – one it wasn’t Russell Martin, and two, even though Booker has pitched before in college, I would be a nervous wreck, if I were about to throw the first pitch at a professional baseball game! ;) I love you all xoxo AMP! :D

  • Sandra Sunshine

    Booker, You do not need any coaching. I would have like to have seen a nice wind-up but c’est la vie. From where I sit it looked high and inside. STRIKE!!! It would say it was a tie. First, it was not Martin and second the dude catching was a bit vertically challenged requiring him to come out of the croach postion. Booker, you are “The Man”!!! Numero Uno… I am AMPed .

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    […] AMP Mornings: Carson vs. Booker « 97.1 AMP Radio […]

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    […] AMP Mornings: Carson vs. Booker « 97.1 AMP Radio […]

  • Christina Lowe

    you guys are waaaaay to funny talking about this – but everyone is right about this video – it does suck lol – they should have filmed it from behind the catcher, so that you could both of them at the same time! ;) haha Booker is hilarious lol I love you guys! xoxo AMP

  • Rachael

    ya he was standing before he throw the ball BUT….He did have to go off the the left to catch the ball.

  • arnold

    Carson!!! tell that foo to give you your hundred bucks was super high to the right of the plate.

  • Aracely

    Booker needs to learn how to loose………

  • Christina Lowe

    Way to go Sergio!!!! Sorry Booker, but that clearer video obviously shows that ball being high and to the left ~ Carson wins $100 bucks :D

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